Roulette Guides

Roulette is a very popular game with UK casino players. It offers the chance at big wins especially if you are betting on the single numbers. If you are new to the game it is played on a table with a betting area and a spinning wheel. Your aim is to predict where on the wheel the ball will land.

How To Play Roulette
Find out what the rules are for roulette games as well as learn about the different betting options. This is the place to start if you are new to roulette and have never played before.

The Different Roulette Bets
Once you know how to play check out our guide to the different betting options on a roulette table. We cover all of the possible bets you can make and how much they pay.

Roulette Tips and Playing Strategies
Get some free tips to help you get the most out of your money when you play roulette online or at land-based casinos. We give you sound advice based on facts and not myths.

Roulette Systems
We show you why all roulette systems and in fact all gambling systems for that matter do not work. We discuss the Martingale progression betti8ng system as well as the Paroli system.

Online Roulette
Find out about the different roulette games found at the online casinos listed at this site. We show you which casinos have which variations and where you will find the best single zero tables to play on.

Top Roulette Casinos