Slot Machine Guides

Slot machines are very easy to play and offer the biggest prizes when compared to other casino games. Of course ay casino game that features the chance to win big money will inevitably have a high house edge. The house advantage on slot machines can be anywhere from 1% to 15%.

How To Play Slots
Learn how to play slot machines. We cover what all of the buttons do as well as give you some free tips to make sure you get the most out of your money when playing slots.

Slot Machine Systems
Before you waste any money on slot machine systems read our systems guide. We show you why no system can ever guarantee that you will win and why you are wasting your money if you buy systems.

The Different Types of Slot Machines
While all slot machine work on the same principle there are so many variations on the theme that you need to know which games you should go for. We discuss the different variations and give you the pros and cons.

Differences Between Fruit Machines and Slot Machines
Find out about the differences betwee the AWP games you will find in your local pub compared to the slot machine games you will find online. We show you why you have to change your playing style.

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