Basic Blackjack Strategy

If you are going to play blackjack online or offline then you should make it your goal to learn the correct basic strategy. By using a strategy card such as the one below you will find that you can keep the house edge at it's lowest possible point. While some of the plays may seem a little strange (such as hitting on 16) they have all been mathematically tested to give the best long term outcomes.

Blackjack online has some clear advantages and disadvantages. The biggest pro is the fact that you can have a strategy card printed out and use it while you play. In land-based casinos this is not allowed so you have to memorize it. Another advantage is that you can control how fast you want to play.

The only thing that we dislike about online blackjack is the shuffling. It is easy to see why the casinos have to shuffle the decks more frequently than at land based casinos as the opportunity to count cards and not get caught would be massive online. For this reason no matter what you read online, card counting will NOT work.

Blackjack 21 is a great game to play as the house edge when played properly can be as low as 1%. Add comps into the equation and this is a game that over the long term is not such as bad proposition. If you have never played before then read on to find out how the game works and your betting options.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealers hand. All cards have their face value except for jacks, queens and kings which are worth ten and aces which can be worth either one or eleven. You want to get a hand that is as close to 21 as possible without going over. The best hand is known as a blackjack and consists of an ace and a ten.

Each game begins when you place a wager inside of the betting area in front of you on the table. You are then dealt two cards face up and the dealer is dealt two cards, one face up and one face down. You can then choose to hit (take another card), stand (take no more cards), split (make two separate hands) or double (get one more card and double your bet. The strategy card above shows what to do in all situations.

There are a range of different variations available online. All of our featured casinos include at least two or three different versions and some up to ten variations