Winning Roulette Strategies

While there is no way you can guarantee that you will win every time you play roulette there are a few things that you can do to give yourself the best chance of winning. This article covers some easy to learn roulette tips and strategies that can be applied online and offline.

1. Zero in on Single Zero Roulette
Always make sure you play at tables with a single zero. The extra zero on American style tables increases the house edge. Over the long term the lower the house edge the better.

2. Find the Best Roulette Tables
Look for tables that have the "In Prison" or the "La Partage" rules. These reduce the house edge as even money bets are treated differently when the ball lands on zero. Again the lower the house edge the better.

3. Roulette Systems are Scams
Don't waste your money on systems. There is no betting system that can beat roulette. As long as the casino has even a small house edge they will always make money in the long run. All systems are a waste of money.

4. Set a Budget and Win Goals
Always set yourself goals before you hit the roulette tables. For instance if you have a starting bankroll of £200 the a reasonable goal would be to stop playing when you reach £400. Have reasonable expectations.

5. Play For Fun
Know that the longer you stay at the roulette table the more likely it is that you will lose. Only ever play with money you can afford to lose and play roulette for entertainment rather than as a way to make money.

6. The Odds Do Not Change
Every spin is random and in no way effects the next spin. While you might think that after seeing 8 blacks come up in a row that the next spin must be red this is not the case. The next spin has the same chance of being red or black as the previous spin and the spin after that. The odds do not change.

7. Keep Your Wins
Walk away a winner. We have seen many players who have a big win on the roulette table lose it all because they want to win more. If you have a nice win remember to walk away with your winnings.

8. Cash in on Bonus Offers
If you are going to play roulette online then it is worthwhile cashing in on the free money on offer. With bonuses you increase your bankroll and therefore get more gambling out of your money.

9. Bet Size is Important
When you hit the roulette table make sure that your bet size is in relation to your bankroll. We have seen players with a 100 bankroll making 50 bets. You want to get enjoyment for you r money so you should always make sure your bet size allows for a good amount of entertainment.