Roulette Systems

As there seems to be a major increase in the number of sure fire roulette systems we have been seeing we have decided to give you the info that you need to stay ahead of the scams. Unfortunately as much as you or I would like to find a way of continually winning by playing roulette there is no system that really works to accomplish this.

Roulette is a random game and there is no way to predict where the ball will land. Note : Some very skilled players using technology have in fact succeeded in tracking the roulette table and winning a considerable amount of money. Unfortunately using such devices will get you banned from casinos and possible end up in serious trouble.

Below we look at several systems that commonly form the basis of many roulette scams.

The Martingale System

This negative progression betting system has so many flaws that it still amazes us that so many players believe it will work. In general it revolves around even money bets such as red or black on the roulette table. You start out betting one unit. If you win you bet another one unit. If you lose you double your bet.

In theory the idea is not bad but when you take into account that casinos have table limits which can quickly be reached on a losing run to a point where you cannot continue doubling your bets. The other problem is that even if you finally win a game after a run of losses you have only won back what you started with plus one unit - hardly worth it.

Overall System Rating - Nice in theory but dangerous at the tables

The Paroli System

Virtually the exact opposite of the Martingale system, the Paroli system uses positive progression to take advantage of winning streaks. You start betting one unit and if you win you double your bet, if you win again you double again or if you lose you go back to one unit. This in some ways is good because if you hit a winning streak you will have bigger and bigger bets on the table. Unfortunately it does not guarantee winning.

Overall System Rating - Not a sure fire winner but better than negative progression

Roulette Notes

Always go for European or single zero tables. Online you will find that most casinos have both the American double zero tables and single zero ones. By going for the later you will increase your chances of winning as quite simply there is one less number.

It is a common fallacy that if there have been x amount of say red numbers come up that the next one will be black. In roulette each colour has a roughly 50% chance (The zero knocks of a point or two) of coming up on each spin and is not effected at all by previous spins. If you have played roulette for any length of time you would have surely seen seemingly crazy runs of one colour.

Progressive Roulette

If you feel like having the chance at winning some serious cash (£100,000 to £500,000) then you might like to check out Microgaming's progressive Roulette Royale. A £1 side bet per round gives you the chance of winning the top prize if the same number lands five times in a row. While to odds of this are quite low there have been many players who have picked up some massive wins. Play at Betway or UK Casino Club