Fruit Machines Vs Slots

While they might look similar there are some very big differences between UK style fruit machine and the Las Vegas or Australian style slots you will find online. If you are used to playing AWP style games then it is well worth reading this article as you will have to change your playing style.

If you are used to playing fruit machines you will know that the more money that is put into the game the more likely it is that you will win. Fruit machines also have invisible modes and defined hot and cold streaks. Slot machine on the other hand work in a very different way.

The Vegas style slot machine found online and in land based casinos around the world do not work like fruit machines. Each spin on a slot machine is random and is in no way changed by the amount of money put into the game. There is no way to force a slot machine to pay like you can with fruities.

What this means is that you cannot apply the same thinking to slots online as you can to fruit machines you would find in your local pub. This is important as if you try to force a slot machine to pay out you will find that you can go on forever without hitting the top jackpot.

Online you will find a range of different types of slots including those with free spins and progressive jackpots. Again no matter how high the jackpot gets the chances of winning do not change. Each spin has exactly the same odds as the previous spin and the next spin.

You will also find that the game play is different. Online slots in general do not have nudges, holds or win repeaters. Instead you ave bonus games such as free spins, pick a box bonuses or Wheel of Fortune bonuses.

Another big difference is the size of the jackpots. While pub fruity games tend to have jackpot of no higher than 500 you will find that slot machines can have jackpots as high as millions of Pounds. Of course the higher the jackpot the less likely that you will win it.

If you are a die hard fruity fan then you will find that some online casinos have AWP style games that do have all of the characteristics of the UK games. These will be clearly marked as AWP games so you don't confuse the two styles of games. If you like these games then Microgaming online casinos have a pretty good range available via their flash casinos.