How to Play Slots

Slot machines are very easy to play. While there are lots of different types of games they all work in the same way. This guide shows you how to approach playing in a way that will give you the best chance of ending up a winner. After reading this article you will be ready to play online.

Your first step is selecting a game to play. This really comes down to personal choice. You might like a games theme or you might like the jackpot on offer. Regardless of how you choose a game to play the first step of successful play begins before you even put money into the machine.

Once you have picked the game you are going to play you need to take a look at the pay table. This is often located above the reels or is available by pressing the "View Pay Table" button. Here you are looking for a couple of things.

First you need to find out if there are any special betting requirements for jackpots or bonus games. For example on progressive games you will often see something like "Five wilds on the ninth line with max bet wins the jackpot". The key word here is max bet which means maximum bet. If yo play less than this you cannot win the top prize.

Once you have studied the pay table the next step is to insert some money into the machine. Online this usually happens automatically when you load the game. You then have a few options before you start the reels spinning.

On most games you will be able to choose the coin size. This is the size of each credit that will be played not the total cost of the spin. for example if you are playing a video slot with a 100 coin max bet and you choose to play in the 1p coin size your total bet will be £1. On progressive games you will almost always find that you cannot change the coin size.

Once you have selected how much you are going to bet you are ready to spin. You can either press max bet which automatically bets the maximum amount of coins and spins the reels or press spin if you have selected to play less than max bet. To repeat the last bet you simply press spin.

After setting the reels spinning they will come to a stop and any line wins or bonus games will be activated. The game then ends and you repeat the process. Some of the Australian style slot machines also have a double up option where you can try to double any wins you made.

That's it - you now know how to play slot machines. The most important steps are reading the payout table, choosing your bet size and playing max bet if it is required. If you want to practice playing before you risk money then check out the free play mode offered by all of the casinos listed on this site.

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