Slot Machine Systems

The gambling world is full of myths and unwary players can easily be caught up the hype that systems work. There are hundreds of systems for sale on the Internet today that all claim to give you an unbeatable edge when playing the slot games found online. To explained why they cannot work first we have to discuss how slot machine actually work.

It is worth noting that slot machines and AWP or fruit machine work in a very different way. While fruit machines pay out according to how much money has gone into them slot machine do not. This is a big difference and it must be stressed that the difference is very important.

All slot machine use a RNG or random number generator which is inside the machine. This is the key to the results on each and every spin. When you press spin a random number is generated which resolves to certain symbol positions on the screen or reels.

The key word here is random. Every spin on a slot machine is totally random and is in no way related to the last spin or the next spin. This means that every spin you play has exactly the same chance of winning or losing. It does not matter how much money you put into a game or how long you play. every spin is a random outcome that you cannot effect.

Knowing this it should start to become clear why systems cannot work. There is no way you as a player can alter the outcome of the spins and there is also no way as a player that you can predict what the next spin will be based on previous spins or the amount of money wagered.

This is where all systems fall apart as they tend to be based on predicting what future outcomes will be based on the current position of symbols on the reels. For example the Zig Zag system focuses on finding games where the jackpot symbols are on the screen but in a zig zag pattern.

Other slot systems focus on increasing your bets the longer you have gone without hitting the jackpot. This is a dangerous strategy as the more you lose the bigger you have to bet. This can lead to even bigger losses and in some cases you will get to a point where you cannot increase your bet any further.

The real winners if you can call them that are the systems sellers as they make a fortune out of selling a false dream. If there really was an unbeatable slot machine system do you really thing anyone would sell it for £25? If the system really worked the system sellers would be relaxing on a sunny beach with all of the millions they had won using their systems.

Finally it should always be remembered that all slot machines have a payout percentage of less than 100%. This means that the longer you play the more likely it is that you will lose money. There is no system that can override the payout percentage so bet with money you can afford to lose.